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Treking through South Island, New Zealand

Threshold Provisions is an Asheville, N.C. based business devoted to developing athletic potential through delicious and sustaining wholesome food.  Utilizing knowledge gained during travels, work, and pursuits of adventure, Diane and Josh, aim to bring to market the values that have sustained athletes and expedition visionaries for centuries.  Having spent large amounts of time in remote areas of the globe, we have learned first hand how important  healthy, energy inducing foods are for optimizing performance of body and mind.  Whether in the far reaches of Alaska, in the storm tossed waters of the Southern Ocean, or at play in the woods of Pisgah National Forest, we have been utilizing our own crafted nutritious foods to fuel the moments that define our lives.


Salmon fishing based out of a remote Aleutian village, King Cove

Josh has been a commercial fisherman in the waters off the Alaskan coast since 1999.  Throughout the many years of working the back deck of a fishing boat, he’s become acutely aware of the magical and medicinal results of not only eating but providing others with sustainable food sources.  The seasonal way of life has offered the ability for travel and play which have further served as a tool for learning and understanding the values of family, environment, and wholesome foods.  The dream to create Threshold Provisions has come as a direct result of wanting to be part of the movement that is redefining how we as people, athletes, and dreamers choose to nourish our bodies.


Diane in a penguin colony in Antarctica

Once a professor of art and humanities at a local college, Diane now finds herself frequently traveling the globe.  Whether it is in search of salmon off the coast of the Aluetian Islands or in a scientific research vessel in the storm tossed waters surrounding Antarctica, Diane is no stranger to big seas and long hours.  Gifted with the art of cooking and baking, those that find themselves in the midst of one of her culinary delights will realize that one her gifts to the world is through food.  It was Diane that inspired the vision to find an alternative to the undelightful packaged bars and other supplements in the outdoor arena.  Through sharing the homemade goodness with friends, family, and local athletes, the love and passion embedded in her gift continues to come into fruition.